Starting out on a new exciting adventure!

I’ve recently discovered the fantastic sport/hobby called Canicross and thought I’d start a blog to share my experiences and top tips along the way.

I’ve only just begun my Canicross journey so for me this blog is a fun way to diarise the adventures I have along the way with my dogs. I also hope it helps encourage other people to get into the sport.

So why Canicross? Well, the obvious answer would be if you love keeping yourself and your dog/s fit and healthy this is a great way to do that whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Whilst all that’s true, for me it’s a lot more than that. Although I’ve only tried Canicross once so far, so I’m very much a newbie, I can see the holistic benefits that it brings, especially if you run with other Canicrossers. That fact that you are attached to your dog (just a 2 metre line separates the two of you) and you all run together means that you are part of the ‘pack’ and therefore immersed in that experience. For that period of time that you run for, you are completely at one with your dog, sharing in their joy and excitement and feeding off each other’s energy.

It probably sounds a bit over the top to some people but until you try Canicross it’s hard to appreciate just how amazing the experience is. How it creates even more of a bond with your dog. I love my dogs and I love running so even on a basic level I knew this would be the perfect sport to get into but I still found myself loving it so much more than I ever expected.

I hope I’ve done Canicross justice in my initial interpretation of the sport. The most important thing is that the dogs have a great time and I imagine they like nothing more than being out with their master/mistress and doing what they love most.

In my next blog I’ll share how I first tried out Canicross and the kit you need to buy.

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