About a year ago, I (along with my husband Derry and our two dogs, Red & Sidney) discovered the fantastic sport called Canicross. I thought I’d write a blog to share my experiences and top tips along the way.

I hope it helps encourage other people to get into the sport. A sport that is so much more than simply running with your dog!

I’ve since acquired a third dog (a gorgeous rescue called Winston) and set up a business, together with my business partner Ginetta, called Dogfit where all my latest blogs now sit, so please do visit when you get a chance 🙂

The finish of TrailMan race wearing our North Downs Canicrossers t-shirts

Wearing our North Downs Canicrossers shirts with pride after finishing the TrailMan race in one piece 🙂


2 Responses to About

  1. Hi! My name is Sarah Edwards and I LOVE canicross! I was a member of the Ashridge Canicross Club (of which I can see some photos of their orange t-shirts on your site!) but now have moved to Kendal in Cumbria where there is ZERO canicross Club. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have set up a brand new social networking website for dog owners called http://www.muttmate.com which enables dog owners to connect and find each other by geographical area – right at grass roots level! Amongst other reasons, one of my intentions behind the site was to enable dog owners to be able to set up their own CaniCross clubs very easily and then invite other dog owner members by geographical area. If you register at muttmate.com you will see that you can set up MuttClubs by genre and one of those club types is CaniSport! It’s just launched and I have just set up the South Lakes CaniCross MuttClub – I’m trying to generate members which is always hard at the beginning and hopefully I will have a fully fledged canicross club here. I can see that someone has already set up the Nantwich CaniCross MuttClub on my site so slowly I’m getting there! I wondered if you could go and check it out – if you like what you see (bearing in mind that it has just launched and needs members to start connecting local communities of dog owners!) please could you spread the word!! I would also love it if you could guest blog on my new blog site! thanks so much! Sarah


    • gailw1 says:

      Hi Sarah, sorry for the delay in replying to your message. Your new venture sounds very exciting – what a fantastic idea. Canicross is definitely growing in its popularity but it’s a slow burn & depends heavily on how proactive people are, once they’ve found friends to run with that is! Hopefully, between those of us that love the sport and are committed to spreading the word, more clubs or social groups will become established. All it takes is one or two people to get it going as I found when joining the north downs FB group which was pretty inactive at the time. Best of luck with your site & I’m more than happy to contribute if it helps! Gailx


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